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The Art of Letting Go

We were given the capacity to let go by nature at birth, but in many cases we have forgotten that we have this natural capacity. Because of certain experiences in life, we have become masters at hiding many of our feelings. Sometimes even as deep as in our bones. What we suppress emotionally is what causes our minds to become restless. Fortunately, you can regain the art of letting go with a practical approach that has already helped thousands. In this approach you learn to work with body awareness to locate and release old suppressed emotions and stress. The different methods that you will learn during this course will help to remove old emotional baggage so that your mind can relax again. This method typically gives faster results than mental training techniques. The thousands of students on the Letting Go course are especially pleased with the power, simplicity and applicability of what they are learning.

Jan Bommerez

Jan Bommerez is Belgian by birth, but he has lived in California since 1995. Jan has a business degree (with a focus on Human Resources Management) and he has been working as a professional educator since 1978, first in Belgium and later also in the Netherlands and the United States. His subjects of expertise are: the state of flow, personal transformation and letting go of old painful emotions and traumas.

Those three themes in fact focus on the same thing: freeing our true potential by letting go of limiting beliefs and constricting emotions. Jan has written several books about personal development in Dutch, of which 4 became bestsellers

Jan Bommerez

Why My Online Course

Learn to let go of what has been stuck for a long time and release hidden potential

Practical exercises

You can use immediately to become more aware of your body and mind

Trusted Knowledge

Substantiated with how the nervous system works and body reacts to this

Release stress

Create more FLOW in your life and rediscover your true power and potential

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    Jan Bommerez