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Biography of Jan Bommerez

Since 1980 I have been fascinated by what people, who make their wildest dreams come true, specifically do differently. I am not a guru, just a fellow traveller on the path. I can nevertheless claim that I test the things I teach very thoroughly in my own experience… So, you can call me an ‘expert by experience’ 🙂.

I know from my own experience how Letting Go leads to less stress and more FLOW … As a consultant I have implemented this knowledge in organizations for more than 30 years through my work with boards and management teams as well as operational teams.

My mission is to help people with processing old emotions to unlock their true potential and create more FLOW in Life.

Expert in breakthrough and transformation processes

Belgian by birth, now living in California (USA) I have specialized myself in breakthrough and transformation processes. In the past I mostly came to the Netherlands to do assignments for all kinds of business and educational organisations. Since 1978 I have trained thousands of managers and entrepreneurs and their teams. However in recent years I have switched to teaching personal development to private individuals. Close to 5000 people took part in my live workshops in the Netherlands and Belgium, mainly because of word of mouth marketing. Participants in the workshops were typically sending friends and family to the workshops because of the results in their own lives. The techniques I teach do change lives.

Online video training by Jan Bommerez

Over the years I have written several bestsellers in the field of human potential development. My most recent project however has been the development of an online video training to allow more people to learn the Art of Letting Go.

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