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Full course - Learning the art of letting go

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Learning the Art of Letting Go

Would you like to learn how to let go of old emotional baggage and stress? The training “The Art of Letting Go” taught by Jan Bommerez , an international expert in personal development, has helped thousands of people to do just that.

“The Art of Letting Go” is a very practical, step by step training that balances knowledge with direct application. Results can be felt within the first weeks of doing the simple exercises. If you are a parent or a teacher or a coach, you can also help others with this practical knowledge.

What your investment buys:

Learning Path

In this lesson we will dive into the How of letting go.
We will start with some explanation what FLOW is and how it works. How some experiences we go through cast a shadow on our original state of happiness. Whenever energy cannot flow freely in our body, energetic blockages form.

We will do a practical exercise together to discover where there is a contraction or a form of tension. And a second one, the left foot exercise.

Video 09:58 Min to complete

In this lesson we do 2 practical release exercises together.

You will experience that you cannot ‘do’ the letting go …

To let go is rather to ‘stop doing’. It is to stop resisting the natural movement of the energy flow.

It is a LETTING GO not a DOING …

Video 10:13 Min to complete

In this training we will use the term ‘subconscious’ as a synonym for everything that we unconsciously hold in our body …

You will learn a simple but very effective release technique which is called ‘active imagination’ (a Jungian technique).

Active imagination is the simplest method to distinguish ourselves from our subconscious.

~C.G. Jung

Video 11:15 Min to complete

Maybe – like me – you are not very visual and in that case you might have difficulty visualizing the door, the window or the hands in the previous lesson … So let’s experiment with another version of this technique for those of us who are more kinesthetic (more focused on feeling and movement).

Video 06:05 Min to complete

In this lesson we will dive deeper in unprocessed emotions. Unprocessed (unreleased) emotions also cause the repetition of old patterns in relationships. This results in even more feelings of powerlessness, grief, disappointment and anger.

Video 07:06 Min to complete

Learning to recognize the various forms of resistance is the first step in our learning process …

(As we have seen before, letting go happens through insight, through awareness … It is not a doing.)

Resistance always refers to


Or ‘MUST’ and ‘CANNOT’…


Resistance contains ‘forcing’ things …

Video 06:52 Min to complete

In this lesson we are going to handle theory and do a practical exercise for releasing resistance. I will guide you through the exercise.

Video 13:25 Min to complete

In this lesson we will train our ability to feel deeper and deeper into the body and we will also learn about ‘the optimal release state’.

Video 23:49 Min to complete

In this lesson we will handle the scale of consciousness. We will dive into the states of power versus force or expanded versus contracted. In POWER we live from our potential and we have freedom of choice. The survival imperative moves us into FORCE.

Video 06:30 Min to complete

In this lesson you will focus through a practical exercise on one of the contractions you have previously found in your body. Or choose something else that you feel resistance to or just scan your body to discover a tension …

Video 13:05 Min to complete

All processes in man are part of the processes of Nature. Man distinguishes himself from the rest of the organisms by not flowing with the flow … In this lesson we will learn to surrender with the help of a practical exercise.

Video 14:13 Min to complete

In this lesson we will go trough the stress response. We will handle the parasympathetic nerves (Rest and digest) and sympathetic nerves (Fight or flight). Emotions are part of our survival system: they encourage certain types of ‘reactive’ or ‘automatic’ behavior (fight, flight, hide, faint).

Video 07:39 Min to complete

When anger or rage are suppressed for a long time, the energy turns against us in the form of psycho-somatic complaints and eventually also depression. Understanding how anger weakens our energy, erodes our relationships, and how it can make us sick, can help us to become more willing to let it go, even if it is totally justified.

Video 19:09 Min to complete

The meridians run throughout the entire body but they can also be contacted in the ears, feet and hands. We will now learn a Japanese technique called Jin Shin Jyutsu. This technique uses the hands. A practical exercise where we will release anger through the Jin Shin Jyutsu method. 

Video 09:17 Min to complete

Yoga Nidra – also known as the ’yogi sleep’ – is a way to deeply relax without sleeping. One hour of Yoga Nidra practice supposedly gives the body as much rest as 4 hours of sleep. (For those familiar with yoga postures, Yoga Nidra is a kind of longer version of Savasana). In the context of this training we will learn a Yoga Nidra breathing technique, for deep relaxation. We will do the exercise sitting upright on a chair or if you prefer, on the floor on a pillow. If you have trouble sitting, of course you can do it laying down.

Video 17:57 Min to complete

Fear is self-affirming and therefore can keep us trapped in a vicious circle …
Fear and toxic shame are the two main destroyers of human lives.
So let’s practice how we can let go of fear and find more strength within ourselves!

Video 19:38 Min to complete

The index finger stands for ‘fear’ and the thumb for ‘anxiety’ (worry). ‘Fear’ has a clear cause, like an approaching exam for which you do not feel ready. ‘Anxiety’ is a continuous background state with no clear cause. It is the activation of old fears and traumas. It feels like ‘something will go wrong’. A practical exercise where we will release fear through the Jin Shin Jyutsu method.

Video 08:08 Min to complete

Grief has to do with loss or potential loss …
The grief emotion can express itself as nostalgia, heartbreak, disillusionment, pessimism, loneliness, feeling abandoned, feeling unsupported.
We will do a grief release exercise together.

Video 22:19 Min to complete

The ring finger stands for “grief and sadness”. These emotions are related to the lung meridian and the large intestine meridian. It is not unusual that coughing happens while releasing suppressed grief. The deeper grief energy resides in the belly and can also show it as air movement in the intestines. A practical exercise where we will release grief through the Jin Shin Jyutsu method.

Video 13:03 Min to complete

Old relationship pain can run very deep …
In this exercise, we will descend deeper into ourselves ‘in a spiral movement’ and in doing so, open the inner healing space.

Video 21:52 Min to complete

Unhealed relationship pain and Jin Shin Jyutsu
Depending on the type of pain (hurt feelings, anger, grief, sadness) you experience, in this practical exercise you choose the finger to use. A practical exercise where you will decide which finger to use and do the exercise yourself.

Video 19:18 Min to complete

In this exercise we will repeat 4 steps again and again …
I will go through 4 questions, again and again …
Only answer YES or NO to the four questions – whatever of the two comes to mind. Do not suppress the NO if it comes! The goal here is simply to repeat the questions again and again and to observe what happens.

Video 14:11 Min to complete

When we cannot stop worrying, we are caught in a mental circuitry. The mental ‘wheels’ turn and turn but we are going nowhere …
In this lesson we will do the 4-7-8 breathing exercise which slows down the heart rate. To calm the fight and flight response we need this so- called ‘vagal brake’.

Video 16:56 Min to complete

To take things ‘less personally’, we can practice ‘deactivating’ our emotional triggers. In this lesson we will practice to center in the heart and thus bring our brains into the theta frequency …

Video 18:31 Min to complete

Do our thoughts cause our emotions or do our emotions cause our thoughts?
The answer is that they are both true: depressive feeling states lead to depressive thoughts and vice versa; angry states lead to angry thoughts and vice versa; happy states lead to happy thoughts and vice versa …
In this lesson we will learn among others to understand our needs with ‘Maslow’s pyramid’.

Video 19:31 Min to complete

In this practical exercise you will think of someone you would like to behave differently in some ways. I will play the part of your inner voice to give you an experience of ​​how emotions can change by asking questions that lead to reasoning rather than reacting …

Video 21:18 Min to complete

Mystic Byron Katie calls her method ‘The Work’ but also ‘The Great Letting Go’
‘The Work’ consists of 4 questions to investigate and release our emotionally charged positions (beliefs).
The problem is not that you have thoughts. The problem is you believe them. – Byron Katie

Video 04:13 Min to complete

By going back and forth between the observing Self that offers no resistance and the judging, resisting self, the resistance starts to disappear all by itself, just like light dissolves darkness. Theory combined with a practical exercise.

Video 17:05 Min to complete

The two basic forms of REACTIVE dealing with emotions are ‘reactive expression’ and ‘reactive suppression’.

Releasing happens in the middle between these 2 polarities … The middle between the polarities (plus and minus) is neutral.
Theory combined with a practical exercise.

Video 16:36 Min to complete

If we could contact and let go of the different emotions that are related to the apathy cluster, we automatically would end up in higher frequencies.
So let’s practice with some of the suppressed feelings and thoughts and show ourselves that we have the power to change …

Video 16:12 Min to complete

You can do the Jin Shin Jyutsu exercise with all fingers for depression. Begin with the thumb. In this exercise we will also use the palm of your hand. The palm addresses our navel area, our original connection with our mother. In that area we also find the very sensitive small intestine, the emotional protector of the heart.

Video 20:08 Min to complete

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